L’atelier Paluel-Marmont

Created a decade ago, the Atelier Paluel-Marmont embodies today the chic à la française. Sensitive to art and aesthetics, the team draws inspiration from its travels and tells a story in the different places of life entrusted to it.


The love for colors and patterns and their chic and timeless style allows him to perform great projects for many individuals, but also to work on the restoration of offices and many hotels.


Always attentive to the desires of everyone, the workshop creates elegant and convivial universes where one feels good.


« The design of a project must be developed by several hands: architects, artists and craftsmen meet to create a place full of meaning, emotions and history. « 

Laure Brault

Interior designer

Cybèle Paluel-Marmont

Founder of the workshop and interior designer

Charlotte Caullet

Project Manager